QiGang is a user-friendly mobile app that is designed to introduce you to the ancient Chinese knowledge of QiGong - the art of energy cultivation for self-healing, vitality, mental focus, and spiritual awareness.
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About the APP
QiGang mobile app includes various movement exercises, self-healing techniques, and guided meditations in a form of live events, comprehensive courses, easy-to-follow instructive videos, or inspiring talks. A variety of formats and practices makes this app a daily companion on practitioners' self-improvement journeys.
 QiGang app offers a wide range of energy cultivating techniques guided by renewed teachers from all around the planet. Thanks to the diversity of various approaches and a non-dogmatic attitude, this mobile app is suitable and accessible both for a Tibetan monk and a New York businessman. 
what is qigong?
The quality of human lives is largely dependent on the condition of their subtle energy – called Qi [chee]. This life force is responsible for our health, vitality, physical stamina, level of stress, quality of our thinking, state of our consciousness, and emotional equanimity. 
Our Qi is supposed to flow through the body freely like a river. If there is a block, Qi becomes stagnant and it will develop the disease. If the Qi flows too rapidly, it causes degeneration. By practicing QiGong we make sure that Qi flows in the most balanced way possible.
The knowledge of QiGong grew out of ancient Chinese Shamanism. Those shamans were observing patterns in nature and developed a system balancing and improving their own energy. Today, those ancient teachings have been proven to be effective and beneficial not only by Eastern practitioners but also by Western science.
Main functions
1. Practices Videos
Exercises - single (standalone) QiGong movements and exercises focusing on all different kinds of purposes (element balancing, organ healing, body part tension release, spiritual awareness, energy purification, core strength...)
Classes - Comprehensive QiGong sequences (sets of exercises) focusing on specific traditions, schools or themes.
2. Theory Videos
Educative and inspirational interviews and talks on various topics from relative fields such as Taoism, Metaphysics, Shamanism, Yoga, Energy Medicine, etc.
3. Smart Search
A function that allows the user to find exercises, meditations, and other practices relating to the entered keyword. 
For example, the user searching for “stress” will get a list of all practices helping him with stress release.
4. Categories
Qigong is a holistic self-healing art benefiting all areas of one’s life. Choose the area that suits your needs at this moment. 
Main categories are: 
Emotions & Stress
Muscles & Joints
Strength & Stamina
Mind & Focus
Physical Health
Spirituality & Energy 
Sleep & Relax

4. Teachers
Every teacher brings and share their own essence of QiGong. Find the master who resonates the most with you.
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